Thursday, 30 July 2015

800J Metal Impact Tester with Patented Technology

Tinius Olsen’s model IT800 impact tester is an 800 Joule pendulum impact tester used to determine the impact strength of notched bar metal materials. The IT800 uniquely features a Tinius Olsen designed and patented “Active follower” technology in support of fast efficient testing, whereby the moving pendulum is caught immediately the test is complete and quickly returned to its safe holding position ready for the next test. The active follower technology does not use a clutch based motor system and therefore is designed for high throughput of tests in a heavy industrial environment requiring nominal servicing and maintenance.

Check out the light curtain in this clip click here

Additionally fast test throughput is supported by the digital “light curtain” option, this option replaces a conventional door to the enclosed test area permitting the user to quickly insert test specimens in the Charpy holder without the need to physically open and close a door, this is particularly efficient when testing cooled notched specimens. From a safety perspective the light curtain if broken by an operator during a test instantly causes the active follower to arrest and halt the moving pendulum thus ensuring operator safety, in fact breaking the light curtain is easier and faster than hitting an emergency stop button (which is still present).

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Successfully Holding Tensile Specimens Cut From Plastic Pipes

When conducting tensile tests on sections cut from plastic pipes, the resulting test specimen dumbbell shape (dimensions of which are defined by the relevant test standard be it ISO, ATSM, GB, GOST etc) exhibit the curve of the pipe, this means it cannot generally be held for the duration of the tensile test using flat parallel grip faces as the curvature of the specimen prevents a good amount of contact between the specimen and the grip faces.

The solution from Tinius Olsen is a clamp grip with specimen gripping faces profiled in shape to match the curvature of the test specimen;

For more information and insight into the physical testing of plastics to determine strength and performance check out  Click here

Friday, 17 July 2015

Tinius Olsen High Capacity Hydraulic Grips Adapt for Lower Forces

When using Tinius Olsen higher capacity hydraulic wedge grips there is a quick way to implement lower capacity specimen grips while leaving the hydraulic grips in situ on the materials testing machine – The simple solution is an adapter model QS4860 which is held in the hydraulic wedge grips top and bottom from which smaller grips can be mounted;

QS4860 120kN Hydraulic Grip Adapter to facilitate mounting of lower capacity grips.
( 50kN Max) below the hydraulic grips. Compatible with M16 (F) threaded interface ¾” male

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Compression Lap Shear Tests on Small Parts

Compression Lap Shear tests on small parts require a simple but exacting solution to successfully hold the component or material under test, especially if the parts are perhaps glass bonded to a substrate.  At Tinius Olsen we have such a solution, a compression grip system that allows the specimen to be held accommodating the need for adjustable off centre loading depending on the thickness of the test specimen in its shear configuration. Critically the solution maintains perfect alignment throughout the test so no extraneous side forces are exerted ensuring the shear strength attained is precise and accurate.

Pictured adjustable compression shear grips capable of accommodating test specimens up to 25mm wide.
0.5mm to 3mm thickness
Compatible with Tinius Olsen ST series of Tension/Compression materials testing machines
Force capacity 0.001N up to 500N