Thursday, 16 April 2015

Horizon Materials Testing Software from Tinius Olsen

Horizon Materials Testing Software from Tinius Olsen is a product resulting from real feedback from our Customers. Our users told us what they wanted in terms of usability and efficient materials testing i.e. specimen throughput, recall and reporting, resulting in a  product with these specific key functions;

·         Full PC networking integration and backup across a PC network

·         Multiple licensing of Horizon for multiple installation to review methods, results and reports away from the testing machine, lab or plant

·         Multi level user password capability

·         Touch screen enabled in support of efficiency, ease of use and multi screen display

·         Recall function enabling users to add key data perhaps not available or missed pre test

·         Official built in Team Viewer license enabling TO engineers to log directly in, on request, to provide on machine technical support.

·         Live results during test - results are live and calculated real time as the test proceeds, there is no limit to the number of results displayed and these need not be used in the test report

·         Industry standard SQL database structure - can be interrogated and read now or in the future without horizon

·         PC power and bandwidth permitting multiple testing machines can be run from one PC

·         Non TO testing machine results  from any type of testing machine can be added manually to be exposed to pass/fail criteria, Horizon's report generating function, saving, backup and recall functions

·         Users can use international standards pre written methods as templates to modify and build their own test methods
Check out some clips click here

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tinius Olsen 5ST Tension Compression materials testing machine - an interactive product overview

Check out the Tinius Olsen 5ST Tension Compression materials testing machine Click here use the Interactive Product Overview to discover the technology by taking a 3D tour, see a test and the technology Hot Spot highlights with their picture galleries and video clips.

The 5ST is used test and quantify the strength and performance of materials and components including plastic, sheet materials, textile, medical devices, packaging systems and more

Friday, 27 March 2015


At Tinius Olsen the First Name In Materials Testing we are leading the way in usability of Tension Compression materials testing machines through the introduction of our wireless handheld user interface, model HMC. 

How does it support usability? As an operator I can be up close to the testing machine test area using the HMC to move the machine in support of test specimen loading, applying preload and removing test specimens, yet during the test if it’s a violent material break I can stand back, up to 9m away or outside the lab but still see the testing machine status and live test data on the HMC touch screen. And I can use the HMC to conduct and report on basic tensile, compression, load hold and cyclic materials tests, choosing to send the test report to a wifi printer or drag off the HMC through a USB connection no PC or software required. And its rugged, drop it, immerse it in liquid it still works, it has a Shock vibration rating MIL-STD 810G methods 6516.6 & 514.6 - Want to see it live contact us contact us click here 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

A Truly Universal Hardness Tester

Check out what is truly a “Universal Hardness Tester” from Tinius Olsen  - Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, one tester with a three indenter and three objective automated turret. Discover the technology for yourself with our interactive overview Interactive Technology overview

Monday, 22 September 2014

What we do at Tinius Olsen..


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Materials testing platform technology overview

Tinius Olsen Materials testing platform technology overview

Overview of a materials testing platform based on a U series 300kN testing machine. Same technology is available for lower capacity materials testing machines from 10kN up to 300kN bench and floor standing systems.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tinius Olsen Universal Testing Machine

Tinius Olsen H300KU with Horizon Software

 Metals, Plastics, Composites all can be thoroughly tested and analysed on this triple camera extensometer Tinius Olsen work station– This is a truly a UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE from Tinius Olsen; 300K-U, 300kN load cell, 1000 degree C  furnace, -70 to 300 degree C chamber, 3 camera video extensometer system (cameras can be used together or individually), tie rods for threaded specimens, hydraulic tensile wedge grips, compression platens, flex bend attachment and Horizon touch enabled materials testing software. All the key parts and accessories are easily handled in and out of the test area using TO’s new accessory handling system – so all accessories are stored on the handling system ready to be simply pushed into place by the operator.

Tinius Olsen Video Extensometer with zoomed in Furnace
Tinius Olsen H300KU with Furnace
Tinius Olsen Tensile Wedge Grip with Video Extensometer
Tinius Olsen H300KU with Furnace and Two Cameras Extensometer
Tinius Olsen Universal testing machine