Friday, 29 May 2015

New 25ST Technology is not just a Materials Testing Machine it’s a Building Block in a Materials Testing System

Our new model 25ST is a 25kN (2500kgf, 5000lbf) tension compression materials testing machine, but more than that, this new series of machines have been designed as building blocks on which to build up truly universal materials testing systems, this means  the machine is a technology block within a competent system which may include a range of extensometers (strain measurement devices), temperature chambers or tanks filled with liquid in which a material can be tested, other test environment measurement and recording devices be it for movement, force, temperature, alignment and various levels of automation in support of efficient test throughput. In support of this building block concept these machines have a clear working area, no switches, buttons etc limiting location and implementation of accessories and devices, multiple T slots on the machine upright columns from which to anchor accessories, multiple high speed I/O ports for device connection, wireless user interface capability and a fully network capable control, monitoring and reporting materials testing software platform which can be located close to the testing system or remote from it. The result is a system built up and configured specifically for the application and material or component to be tested, no redundant parts from the start yet easily added to should the testing needs evolve over time.
See illustration giving the footprint dimensions (mm) of a 25ST tension compression machine fitted with our AE automated extensometer.

 Check out the spec for yourself click here

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Grip Jaw Face Solution for Tensile Specimens Cut from Pipe

When conducting tensile tests on sections cut from pipes, be it plastic gas or water pipes or steel pipes, the resulting test specimen dumbbell or “coupon” shape (dimensions of which are defined by the relevant test standard be it ISO, ATSM, GB, GOST etc) exhibits the curve of the pipe, this means it cannot generally be held for the duration of the tensile test using flat parallel grip faces as the curvature of the specimen prevents a good amount of contact between the specimen and the grip faces.

The solution is a grip face which mirrors the profile of the curve in the pipe (dumbbell or coupon specimen) a V on one side and radius on the other;

 At Tinius Olsen we are able to precisely manufacture and supply such faces to mirror the radius of any curved specimen and implement in our tensile wedge action grips. The faces typically have a 2 mm pitch serration and hardened to 60RC in support of good specimen gripping. The faces are interchangeable for different size pipes, for cleaning and eventually cost effective replacement when warn.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Need to do Compression or Flex bend strength tests on glass vials, phials, flacons or glass bottles?

Tinius Olsen has a simple and neat solution which supports safe Compression or Flex Bend testing to destruction and efficient test specimen throughput. Implemented on the model 5ST compression testing machine the accessory comprises of a metal base with a suitable height polycarbonate tube in which the physical test takes place and ensures all glass fragments are contained. 

Post-test the tube is simply lifted away allowing the operator to vacuum up the glass fragments. The containment tube can also be supplied with a lid through which the upper tooling, be it a compression platen or upper point of contact for a flex test, passes. It’s simple, quick and safe.

For more information on the model 5ST material testing machine click here

Friday, 1 May 2015

Plastic Material Melt Flow Index Tester

Check out the Tinius Olsen Plastic material Melt Flow Index tester model MP1200 click here use the Interactive Product Overview to discover the technology by taking a 3D tour, see a test and the technology Hot Spot highlights with their picture galleries and video clips. 

The MP1200 is used to test raw polymer material in granular form to determine and qualify a given plastics flow rate properties, this is an excellent check on a polymers quality and performance. The MP1200 heats the plastic granules into a molten state then through the controlled application of a given weight extrudes the plastic through an orifice of know dimensions and thus very accurately determines the plastics flow rate properties. 

Our Tinius model MP1200 has been developed using our experience of more than 50 years in testing plastics and from a significant amount of user feedback. We hope and believe it has the functionality and usability busy serious Quality Control managers of polymer material need and expect from such a test.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Horizon Materials Testing Software from Tinius Olsen

Horizon Materials Testing Software from Tinius Olsen is a product resulting from real feedback from our Customers. Our users told us what they wanted in terms of usability and efficient materials testing i.e. specimen throughput, recall and reporting, resulting in a  product with these specific key functions;

·         Full PC networking integration and backup across a PC network

·         Multiple licensing of Horizon for multiple installation to review methods, results and reports away from the testing machine, lab or plant

·         Multi level user password capability

·         Touch screen enabled in support of efficiency, ease of use and multi screen display

·         Recall function enabling users to add key data perhaps not available or missed pre test

·         Official built in Team Viewer license enabling TO engineers to log directly in, on request, to provide on machine technical support.

·         Live results during test - results are live and calculated real time as the test proceeds, there is no limit to the number of results displayed and these need not be used in the test report

·         Industry standard SQL database structure - can be interrogated and read now or in the future without horizon

·         PC power and bandwidth permitting multiple testing machines can be run from one PC

·         Non TO testing machine results  from any type of testing machine can be added manually to be exposed to pass/fail criteria, Horizon's report generating function, saving, backup and recall functions

·         Users can use international standards pre written methods as templates to modify and build their own test methods
Check out some clips click here

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tinius Olsen 5ST Tension Compression materials testing machine - an interactive product overview

Check out the Tinius Olsen 5ST Tension Compression materials testing machine Click here use the Interactive Product Overview to discover the technology by taking a 3D tour, see a test and the technology Hot Spot highlights with their picture galleries and video clips.

The 5ST is used test and quantify the strength and performance of materials and components including plastic, sheet materials, textile, medical devices, packaging systems and more