Cincinnati State Technical College, a Tinius Olsen Success Story

Tinius Olsen has helped one of the leading Technical Colleges in America, the Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, to up-grade and further develop its materials testing laboratory. 
This is the culmination of a partnership between the two organisations that goes back to the establishment of the College in 1969, as Mike DeVore, Professor & Program Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Technology & Welding Technology Dept explains:
“I started teaching at Cincinnati State 29 years ago and at that time we had a very old Tinius Olsen tensile test machine that still worked extremely well on a day to day basis.”   
“Our testing lab had been in operation since almost the establishment of the school so we decided to update our lab in 1993 and, due to the reliability and generally good history that we had with the old machine, I decided to purchase another from Tinius Olsen.” 
“I visited the factory in Pennsylvania and was very impressed with the quality of work and professionali…

Putting Robots to the Test

Successful manufacturing relies on quality and productivity. Testing machines are used to demonstrate the quality of raw materials such as steel alloys, composites, plastics and rubber as well as components including medical devices, packaging materials and fasteners. Manufacturing processes today are typically automated to a greater or lesser extent, although the quality process is often manual.
This is generally time consuming, involving entering reference data, performing test procedures, reporting on the results, preparing the testing machine, starting the test, qualifying and accepting the results and appending comments before removing the materials. 
Historically, materials testing has been an operator using single or multiple stations. This can be uneconomical in terms of operator time where speed is crucial – for example in testing threaded fasteners for the aerospace industry, testing is required 24 hours a day. 
Drug delivery in the biomedical industry is one sector that could ben…

Altered Test Results Cause Mission Failures

Back in July last year two laboratory test technicians were sent to jail in Hong Kong for falsifying compression test results on concrete cubes at the contract test lab Jacobs. At the time of discovering the issue 19 lab techs were arrested. See more...
And now a NASA investigation has sighted “Altered test results” behind the failure of a clamshell structure that encapsulates satellites as they travel through the atmosphere as being responsible for the failure of its Taurus XL Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) and Glory missions in 2009 and 2011, respectively. See more ...
The issue of stakeholders falsifying results or editing reports in the materials or device manufacture and test verification supply chain is not new, way back in 2000’s the medical industry was hit by the problem initially identified in India’s drug and medical device industry, then found in Germany’s and on and on, this contributed to the USA FDA’s work in 2000’s and finally the issue of 21 CFR Part 11 the Code of F…

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