Thursday, 15 November 2007

S274 - Mesh Weld Shear Test

This attachment is used to test the strength of the welds that hold mesh together.

The mesh is often used as a reinforcement for concrete structures. as this is a structural component it is essential to test the consistency of the weld in any given section.

A joint is cut from the mesh and placed in this attachment. A grip, the HW14 is then placed on the end of the rod. a force of up to 50kN is then applied and the shear strength of the weld measured.

There is some adjustment in the design with a sliding plate that allows for different gauges of wire.

The applicable standards are: BS4483, ASTM A185, ASTM A497 and ASTM A974.

The testing application note for this grip is available from the resource area of our School of testing microsite or by clicking here.

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