Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Grip Jaw Face Solution for Tensile Specimens Cut from Pipe

When conducting tensile tests on sections cut from pipes, be it plastic gas or water pipes or steel pipes, the resulting test specimen dumbbell or “coupon” shape (dimensions of which are defined by the relevant test standard be it ISO, ATSM, GB, GOST etc) exhibits the curve of the pipe, this means it cannot generally be held for the duration of the tensile test using flat parallel grip faces as the curvature of the specimen prevents a good amount of contact between the specimen and the grip faces.

The solution is a grip face which mirrors the profile of the curve in the pipe (dumbbell or coupon specimen) a V on one side and radius on the other;

 At Tinius Olsen we are able to precisely manufacture and supply such faces to mirror the radius of any curved specimen and implement in our tensile wedge action grips. The faces typically have a 2 mm pitch serration and hardened to 60RC in support of good specimen gripping. The faces are interchangeable for different size pipes, for cleaning and eventually cost effective replacement when warn.

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