Tuesday, 17 April 2007

S0997 - Tinius Olsen - Smart Card Push Out Test

We often come across the problem of testing the strength of fixing methods like adhesives.

But how do you test the finished product once the product is produced?
Increasingly credit and debit cards have small microchips on them. These are generically called 'Smart Cards' as they contain a great deal of information on the 'chip.
To test the strength of these cards, in particular the bonding strength, this attachment has been developed.
It is adjustable so that the 'chip can be tested wherever it is placed on the card. There is a retaining arm that is used to hold the card in place, this has a roller on the bottom that allows quick changes.
There is a specific routine that allows the chip to be pushed through and the force required is measured...


Anonymous said...

That should stop someone cloneing my cards!

Anonymous said...

I think that the shop assistant might be a little bemused when you hand over your newly perforated card!