Thursday, 10 May 2007

Wood Fixings - Tinius Olsen - BS EN 1382:1999 Fixture

This attachment simply pulls nails and staples from wood, as you could imagine it is very important to know and understand the way in which fixings behave in wood.

As wood is a natural substance each plank is different from the next, and it is the job of BS EN 1382:1999 to ensure that fixings (nails and staples in this case) that are a known quantity behave the same way in different kinds of wood (nails and staples are produced on mass and so are quantifiable).

There are two attachments, one for nails and one for staples.

It can hold a variety of nails and staples due to the taper on the attachments.

The lower component holds the wood, it is common with ASTM D1037 & D1761 Standards which are similar wood tests.

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