Wednesday, 25 July 2007

123-001 - 250mm Textile Grip

A range of faces make the 123-001 Textile Grip an adaptable and very useful attachment.

Textiles can be a very hard materials to test, they can be very strong in tension, and unless ripped, near impossible to break… it can hold large amounts of energy and can break with a bang!
The grips that hold fabric tend to be hydraulic and have special grip arrangements because of this property. There are 3 types of face of the jaws. Plain, Hatched and Grab each have a specific set of materials that they can be used with, each with singular benefits.

The 123-001 holds the sample between two 250mm wide faces, these come together with a clamping force and the test can then be performed.
If you're interested in this or other Textile testing, please contact Sylvia Hillier or go here:

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