Wednesday, 10 October 2007

106-001 - Self-Aligining Fixture

It's sometimes necessary to attach a grip or fitting that has no way of self aligning, in these cases we've developed several ingenious ways to add this function to the machines.

One of these methods is to use a Self-Aligning Fixture like the one shown in the picture.

As it is designed to fit a 150kN U-Series machine it is somewhat massive. The top thread being 1"UNF in diameter and the bottom an M33.

It weighs, a not insignificant, 7kg; has a 110mm body diameter and is nearly a foot tall.

The central pin that you can see has is supported by a Nitrile block which allows it to float, whilst absorbing the shock of a sample failure.


Anonymous said...

Do you make other adaptors for machines? I'm looking for a load frame replacement, but still have a number of fittings and grips? Thanks, Ted Bailey

Mike said...

Absolutely, we have customers that have this requirement daily.

Please goto our website or email with more details of your requirement and I'm sure we can help.