Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Product and Material test fixtures "Gripping systems"

Tinius Olsen is a leading global specialist manufacturer of materials testing machines, with an extensive product range covering low and high force testing of both raw materials and finished components.
Our machines are suitable for use in manufacturing industries, as an integral part of quality control, product strength and performance analysis, research, and education.

A typical testing system as seen here, is comprised of a testing machine/test frame, control and analysis software, and critically, the test fixtures, accessories, parts and devices used to hold and support the test specimen. These parts are referred to as the “Gripping System” and are typically comprised of two components — an upper and a lower grip, which together hold and/or support the material under test and accurately transmit the forces being applied, obvious examples include mechanical testing grips, adhesive peel tests, 3 point flexure bend, Friction tests and many more. In some cases the material or test specimen is not of a standard size or shape, and custom test fixtures/ “specialized test components” are made to hold the specimen in place in order to run the test and are engineered to meet specific testing standards. A selection of these custom test attachments can be found on this site.

The test fixture or Gripping System is an integral part of a successful test and credible repeatable test data. The process of setting up a test should be fast and easy to achieve. The specimen must be held firmly and consistently for every test, and the system should be safe. Tinius Olsen’s standard range of test fixtures/Gripping Systems meet this criteria and are designed to test materials such as sheet metal, rebar, concrete, composites, wood, paper, board, rubber, plastics, textiles, non-wovens, and filter materials, insulation, leather, adhesives, and many more, as well as a diverse range of finished components including bearings, automotive clutch plates, fasteners, keyboards, electronic devices and printed circuit boards, zips, contact lenses, seat belts and even food products such as ice cream, fruit, and vegetables.
Using Tinius Olsen test fixtures/ Gripping Systems it is possible to apply forces in tension, shear, compression, flexure (bend), puncture (burst), friction, insertion, and extraction.
Beyond the standard gripping range, a specialist engineering team at Tinius Olsen works closely with international standards organizations such as ISO, JIS, ASTM, EN, and other industrial standards bodies, to continually develop ‘custom gripping solutions’ in support of customer development of tests for new materials and components.
Our team of specialist engineers work in house, continuously designing new grips and fixtures to hold and support these materials/ components for a successful test in order to meet the ever growing demands from customers.

The standard range of gripping solutions and technology can be found on our Tinius Olsen website if you require a Gripping System not profiled here, please share your needs with Tinius Olsen as we are developing new products every day.

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