Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The next evolution in materials testing

The next step in the evolution of materials testing has arrived with the introduction of Horizon software from Tinius Olsen. This software has all the power of its popular Test Navigator software, but also incorporates the 'nice' features of its QMat software, including a huge library of standards test routines (including ASTM, EN, ISO and other international standards organization's testing standards), the ability to perform tests across different batches, and the ability to re-examine earlier test results. In addition Horizon incorporates the functionality of other Tinius Olsen software such as EP600 for use with their melt indexers, and Impact software for use with their impact testers.

Why is this the next evolution you ask? All these applications can be running at the same time and one pc can be controlling multiple types of machines all at the same time. Once the results are in, reports can be made that include different physical results and can be sent across company networks.

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