Monday, 21 May 2012

Rotating Hub Connector Test

A problem one customer was trying to eliminate was the potential of electrical connectors separating in their application which could be in highly inaccessible areas. In this application, the connectors are being used to supply power to sensors used to determine the presence of oil in drilled wells in the sea bed or deep in the desert.
This test attempts to simulate what the sensors could be subjected to by rotating the power connector by +/- 100 degrees and repeating this cycle 2000 times.

The solution our engineering design team came up with is one of our 5kN test frames, a customized jig to hold the specimen and a mechanical fixture that rotates the specimen 100 degrees as the crosshead is raised; the machine and fixtures are connected to a pc running our Horizon software that controls the test frame and monitors the data coming from it. As for the final result, operator looks for any visual wear in the connector.

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