Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Testing Of Concrete Roofing Tiles & Wall Cladding Materials

Tinius Olsen has developed a new 3 point bend test jig for testing both interlocking and non-interlocking concrete roofing tiles, and associated fittings for roof and wall cladding materials.
This new jig addresses several issues, namely:
  • The load supports have a radius of 10mm to 20 mm.
  • The length of the supports are  longer than the width of the sample tile.
  • The upper loading support and the support nearest the tile tail are free to pivot   along their axis to prevent extraneous loading and any off-centered loading.
  • This transverse strength attachment solution from Tinius Olsen can be used with other manufacturers’ testing machines.
This new jig is fully compliant with the BS EN 491 standard.


Solar Energy said...

Whoa! That bad boy looks pretty powerful. This should make solar installations much more efficient. Well done Tinius, well done.

-Sharone Tal

Cadisch MDA said...

Looks decent!