Thursday, 12 July 2012

3 point Bend test for Dental Filling Materials

Tinius Olsen engineers have continued their efforts to help the dental industry with another innovative grip design, this time it is a small 3 point bend test attachment used for filling materials. In this test, the specimen is supported on two lower points of contacts while the flexural, or bending, force is applied by the third, upper, point of contact. This is Tinius Olsen attachment part no. 360-001 and is typically used with a Tinius Olsen electromechanical tension / compression testing machine & is compliant with ISO 4049:2000

Key specifications of the attachments are:
  • The lower two points of contact have a span of 20mm.
  • Each point of contact (upper and lower) is  comprise of a 2mm diameter roller.
  • Typical maximum forces expected is 1kN (100 kgf/220 lbf).

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