Tuesday, 25 September 2012

IDC Connector-Cable testing for critical tensile strength

Today we find IDC Connectors being used in almost all electronic equipment, from computers to automated robotic systems and are used in homes, offices and factories the world over. A loose cable can cause a huge number of headaches for service and maintenance personnel and operators so a program of thorough testing has been put in place by manufacturers to ensure loose cable problems are a thing of the past.

Tinius Olsen Engineers have developed a set of grips for these manufacturers to specifically test the tensile strength of cable on IDC connectors. The images here show the grip’s arrangement with Tinius Olsen’s HT33, and HT47, standard grips along with our special grip reference S707 on Tinius Olsen’s H5K single column tensile tester.

The model S707 shown here is the lower grip that features a clamping area that can be adjusted to accommodate varying sizes of IDC connector; you can see from the photos that the special grip is designed so that it can be used in both the horizontal and vertical positions to increase its flexibility. The HT33 grip is the single bollard grip, used to test tension on individual cable to connector strength; and the HT47 grip is the vice grip, used for multiple cables to connector strength.

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