Thursday, 11 October 2012

Testing Seat Belts

Many of the world’s major seat belt manufacturers use Tinius Olsen tensile testing machines to test seat belts and associated components to prove strength and performance. Tinius Olsen’s H100K-U tensile testing machine along with test specific grips HT43 proves to be the best solution for testing seat belts complying with international standards such as ASTM D6775 and BS 3254. 

Seat belts store a great amount of energy before breaking, hence the break is violent. One of the nice feature of Tinius Olsen machines is TO offers a range of safety screens compatible with its U series tensile machines to protect users and contain component fragments. And the Horizon software produces the output graph (force against displacement) which gives a graphical representation of the seat belt performance during the test. 

Quick Facts:

A typical seat belt in a modern car can withstand a tensile breaking force in access of 2.5 tons (25kN)

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