Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Testing Smart Cards

Today, in this smart world we are having many smart devices around us and smart card is one them. They are proving to be much in demand with proximity readers with their increasing use as means of E-commerce, healthcare informatics, bank issued smart cards (credit cards/debit cards), SIM cards for mobiles and Personnel Identification really starting to cross from industrial/commercial use into personal use e.g. home entry, auto start cars and recall of personal settings, loyalty programs in retail, securing digital content etc.
One of the important aspect that manufacturers worldwide take care of is that the smart cards need to be physically enduring devices. Using a Tinius Olsen testing system (H5K or H10K), thorough analysis of a smart card’s physical strength can be done. It is possible to subject smart cards to a range of physical strength tests including; bend/flex, tear, peel and "Chip" to card bond strength. The tests performed are in accordance with the international standard ISO-IEC 10373-3.
TO testing machine with test specific grips HT55/S460/S997 holds the smart card and apply the test forces either to destruction to determine the maximum strength capability or non-destructive but repeatedly loaded i.e. a cyclic test to analyze the performance. Through the Tinius Olsen test and analysis software HORIZON, smart card manufacturers and users can set up Pass/Fail limits for each parameter tested; the system automatically tests the smart card performance against these limits and reports performance.

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