Monday, 18 February 2013

T Slotted Tables – why are they so useful?

T-slotted tables are extremely useful when they’re used with materials testing machines because they provide an easy way to insert and clamp non-standard or large test samples.
T-slotted tables themselves can come in all shapes and sizes – the one on the right here was designed to fit one of our 10,000lbf twin column bench-top testers (which itself is mounted on a frame) and is used by a conduit manufacturer to perform flexural tests on their products.

The T-slots allow easy location of the flexural jig supports (which are anchored in the slots) so switching between different products is simple and quick.
With all T slotted tables, the loading point MUST still be in the center of the specimen and in the same plane as the loadcell – any off-centered loading can give erroneous results and can also damage loadcells.
This is true for all machines except Tinius Olsen’s Electomatic series of testing machines whose unique design, and key feature, allows and compensates for any off centered loading.
Tinius Olsen is able to make and supply all sizes of T-slotted tables across its range of S series, T series, U series, Super L series and Electomatic series of tension and compression testing machines, to meet user’s needs in testing large or unusually shaped specimens.
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