Wednesday, 17 July 2013

PT190 - 90 degree Peel Test Attachment with moving Base Sledge

PT190 is a 90° peel unit comprising of one HT50 ultra-light vice grip (as standard) and a "horizontal Test bed". It is specifically designed for peel testing of the bond between copper and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) as well as other laminate/layer bonded specimens, but can be used in a host of other peeling type applications. The PT190 is typically installed on a Tinius Olsen H5KS, or similar low capacity tensile tester and has a maximum capacity is 1.5kN (300lbf) with a minimum load cell of 50N.
Prepared samples (150x50mm max.) are held on the test bed using a clamp with one end of the specimen inserted into the top clamp. The test bed incorporates a moving sled, mounted on precision bearings, which is directly attached to the moving crosshead of the test frame. As the crosshead moves up, the bad is pulled horizontally, so maintaining a peel angle of 90° throughout the duration of the test.

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