Tinius Olsen Universal Testing Machine

Tinius Olsen H300KU with Horizon Software

 Metals, Plastics, Composites all can be thoroughly tested and analysed on this triple camera extensometer Tinius Olsen work station– This is a truly a UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE from Tinius Olsen; 300K-U, 300kN load cell, 1000 degree C  furnace, -70 to 300 degree C chamber, 3 camera video extensometer system (cameras can be used together or individually), tie rods for threaded specimens, hydraulic tensile wedge grips, compression platens, flex bend attachment and Horizon touch enabled materials testing software. All the key parts and accessories are easily handled in and out of the test area using TO’s new accessory handling system – so all accessories are stored on the handling system ready to be simply pushed into place by the operator.

Tinius Olsen Video Extensometer with zoomed in Furnace
Tinius Olsen H300KU with Furnace
Tinius Olsen Tensile Wedge Grip with Video Extensometer
Tinius Olsen H300KU with Furnace and Two Cameras Extensometer
Tinius Olsen Universal testing machine


Nice information, add to my information in a universal testing machine

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