Thursday, 9 July 2015

Compression Lap Shear Tests on Small Parts

Compression Lap Shear tests on small parts require a simple but exacting solution to successfully hold the component or material under test, especially if the parts are perhaps glass bonded to a substrate.  At Tinius Olsen we have such a solution, a compression grip system that allows the specimen to be held accommodating the need for adjustable off centre loading depending on the thickness of the test specimen in its shear configuration. Critically the solution maintains perfect alignment throughout the test so no extraneous side forces are exerted ensuring the shear strength attained is precise and accurate.

Pictured adjustable compression shear grips capable of accommodating test specimens up to 25mm wide.
0.5mm to 3mm thickness
Compatible with Tinius Olsen ST series of Tension/Compression materials testing machines
Force capacity 0.001N up to 500N

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