Friday, 7 August 2015

Tinius Olsen Horizon Materials Testing Software is Windows 10 Compatible

Our Tinius Olsen Horizon materials testing software keeps pace with technology now Windows 10 compatible, it is a fully touch screen enabled platform supporting efficient quick use. As a platform it is compatible with all our current and many of our past materials testing machines; Tension Compression machines, Impact, Torsion, Melt Flow, HDT, Vicat and more.

As you would expect Horizon is packed with standard features to maximise its focus on meeting a user’s specific needs; Configuring tests, totally flexible results reporting on and off line, full integration capability with users company wide data, measurement, recording and network platforms, on line tech support, multiple license capability in support of results analysis and connection to multiple testing machines enabling results to be drawn into a central storage, recall and reporting function.

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