Monday, 28 September 2015

Tinius Olsen Listening to Our Users – New Feature in Temperature Chamber

At Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company we try to constantly listen to our product users and where possible evolve our products to capture suggested improvements in support of efficient materials testing and product use. One such idea which we have implemented is the use of removable inserts in the chassis of our temperature chambers, top and bottom. This allows the user to remove the inserts and then easily slide the temperature chamber back, on its rail support system,  away from the testing machine test area without removing the test specimen grips/holders and tie rods which can stay in place.

This feature implemented in the Tinius Olsen chamber model ref 99-1005790 significantly reduces downtime when the testing machine and its tooling are reconfigured for a change in test or test specimen type, enabling the chamber to be quickly removed from or pulled back into the test area and test equipment configuration.

Pictures illustrate the removable temperature chamber chassis inserts in TO model 99-1005790

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