Saturday, 19 March 2016

This Vickers Tester Does Not Save YOU Money It Makes You Money.

Tinius Olsen’s New model FH-6 Micro Vickers, Vickers and Micro Brinell hardness testing capability. It’s an automatic Vickers hardness tester using the turret technology to hold up to two different indenters and four objectives which automatically selected and utilized when test is started.

This technology can help your business make money by increasing the efficiency of your Vickers tests. By using automation it cuts typical testing time in half, more for large pattern tests. And if the pattern tests per sample need to change, for example when testing around weld sites, the time saving is huge. Simply take the stored existing pattern, use it as a template and drag the intended indent points using the mouse or touch screen as required. This tester does not save you money, it makes you money.

FH-6 Material testing machine is capable of performing physical strength test in hardness on raw materials such as metal, plastics, large parts and small precision parts, it is a very versatile unit for the accurate and repeatable analysis of a material or components force and performance. Its 2 button control system allows ultra-fast pre-positioning and scroll wheel that provide control for fine adjustment on the focus positioning. This fine positioning is further enhanced by using a leadscrew rather than an Acme thread screw.

The FH-6 features a large internal touch screen in support of easy test selection and viewing of the hardness profile throughout the test in accordance with ASTM, ISO and JIS for Vickers hardness tests on metals, be it sheet, blocks or complex profile components. There are multiple options for a user to interact with the system to set up and control tests in accordance with ASTM, ISO and JIS (Nadcap) materials testing standard; The innovative Horizon Software allows file storing, image zoom, auto focus, limit setting conversion to other hardness scale, system setup and remote control, patter testing to ensure high reproducibility of test result and limits operator error and interpretation.

Please do explore the interactive FH6 product overview and to learn how this Vickers tester can help the profitability of your Test Lab contact us at Tinius Olsen.

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