Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Testing attachments for Baby Pacifiers

Tinius Olsen engineers have developed more new attachments for the destructive testing of Baby Pacifiers with the key focus being the health & safety of infants. According to a Nationwide survey on ‘Baby Bottles, Pacifiers & Sippy cups’ by US News & World Report, in May 2012, over the past couple of decades there have been over 45,000 cases of problematic pacifiers, in the US alone.
             There are a number of tests that can be performed by Tinius Olsen’s attachments on baby pacifiers, including puncture, tear, component pull off, and a Bite Endurance Test. Tinius Olsen grip reference S355 is used with one of our benchtop tension and compression testing machines, and as the pictures above demonstrate, the grip tests the bonding between the teat and the knob/plug; the international test standards that the S355 grip was designed for are EN1400 and ASTM F963-08. 

These tests are designed to ensure that the teat stay bonded to the plug, ensuring infants cannot swallow the teat and avoid any choking hazards. Puncture tests ensure that the growing kid’s new teeth do not puncture the teat. Aside from the custom design of grip attachments, what makes Tinius Olsen stand out as the clear supplier for these tests is our Horizon software which allows operators to focus on using the test results, not performing the test.

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