Friday, 31 August 2012

Testing Syringes and Needles

Beginning right from the 1st century AD, syringes have played an important role in human lives. They are now widely used in a variety of applications, including administration of medication, precise measurement of fluid and in the application of compounds such as lubricants. Ensuring the quality of syringes and needles has always been crucial. 
Tinius Olsen’s H5K-S / H5K-T tension and compression testing machine, along with test specific attachment reference S442 as per international standards ISO 7886 and ISO 8537, is capable of providing complete testing solution which includes measuring the force to operate a syringe, freedom from air & liquid leakage, puncture forces and pull off forces. The tests are easily performed from within our Horizon software, and the accurate and reliable results are included in the generated test report. The output graph (of force vs. displacement), gives a graphical representation of the component performance during the test.

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