Friday, 1 May 2015

Plastic Material Melt Flow Index Tester

Check out the Tinius Olsen Plastic material Melt Flow Index tester model MP1200 click here use the Interactive Product Overview to discover the technology by taking a 3D tour, see a test and the technology Hot Spot highlights with their picture galleries and video clips. 

The MP1200 is used to test raw polymer material in granular form to determine and qualify a given plastics flow rate properties, this is an excellent check on a polymers quality and performance. The MP1200 heats the plastic granules into a molten state then through the controlled application of a given weight extrudes the plastic through an orifice of know dimensions and thus very accurately determines the plastics flow rate properties. 

Our Tinius model MP1200 has been developed using our experience of more than 50 years in testing plastics and from a significant amount of user feedback. We hope and believe it has the functionality and usability busy serious Quality Control managers of polymer material need and expect from such a test.

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