Friday, 29 May 2015

New 25ST Technology is not just a Materials Testing Machine it’s a Building Block in a Materials Testing System

Our new model 25ST is a 25kN (2500kgf, 5000lbf) tension compression materials testing machine, but more than that, this new series of machines have been designed as building blocks on which to build up truly universal materials testing systems, this means  the machine is a technology block within a competent system which may include a range of extensometers (strain measurement devices), temperature chambers or tanks filled with liquid in which a material can be tested, other test environment measurement and recording devices be it for movement, force, temperature, alignment and various levels of automation in support of efficient test throughput. In support of this building block concept these machines have a clear working area, no switches, buttons etc limiting location and implementation of accessories and devices, multiple T slots on the machine upright columns from which to anchor accessories, multiple high speed I/O ports for device connection, wireless user interface capability and a fully network capable control, monitoring and reporting materials testing software platform which can be located close to the testing system or remote from it. The result is a system built up and configured specifically for the application and material or component to be tested, no redundant parts from the start yet easily added to should the testing needs evolve over time.
See illustration giving the footprint dimensions (mm) of a 25ST tension compression machine fitted with our AE automated extensometer.

 Check out the spec for yourself click here

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