Tuesday, 6 March 2007

S0616 - Tinius Olsen - Syringe Holder

The Tinius Olsen S0616 is used to hold a standard syringe for testing fittings. It makes use of the end of the syringe, whilst holding it in place. The plunger cannot be used whilst in this grip; this is a method of testing the end fittings not the syringe.

There are a variety of fittings that attach to a standard syringe, the most common of which is a standard Luer fitting. We do a few grips to hold Luer fittings, but it’s sometimes just as easy to hold the syringe and use that as the ‘grip’ end. The materials are correct, syringes are cheap, and it’s a real world test. If there is any damage to the syringe it can be easily replaced…

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