Monday, 12 March 2007

S0977 - Tinius Olsen - 3 Point Flexural Test

A flexural test tells the tester how much force a specimen can withstand in the middle when supported at a distance (or its flexibility!).

This test supports the specimen between two loose fitting ‘rollers’, the distance apart of which can be set for a specific test or specimen size. Once the sample is in place the anvil can be brought down just above the specimen.

A variety of tests can then be performed. The specimen can be flexed a certain number of times to judge it’s elasticity or plasticity over a given time. The specimen could be flexed until it breaks, it could be flexed for a specific time and the responding force measured.

This is a Heavy Duty system, which has been designed to suite the U-Series 100kN System. It has a travel of 400mm from centre (800mm overall) and Ø10mm rollers.

This can all be recorded in the software and multiple specimens can be tested.


Anonymous said...

This is a 100kN 3 point bend flexure test, what is the maximum sample length?

Mike said...

The support anvils have a distance of 400mm between centers.

However within the HF74 range of Flexural adaptors, Tinius Olsen have there are much longer spans.

I'd call for your specific requirements