Friday, 9 March 2007

S0964 - Tinius Olsen - H100KU Guard

Some of the more destructive tests that our systems are designed to perform can be quite violent, the forces and materials used can have some explosive results.

It is often important to guard the rest of the room or the user from flying shrapnel. We produce guards for these reasons, as the U-Series is over 2 metres tall and a large footprint; the U-Series needs to have a huge guard.

We made the guard a close rectangular fit around the system; it is free standing although there are some mounting points to attach it to the system. aluminium section and composite sheet make the frame up, which is a very strong (and heavy) structure.

It has two wrap around doors and polycarbonate windows that allow the user to see and control the test.

For safety the control unit and an emergency stop have been placed on the right hand door.

I can safely say that this is verging on architecture, rather than engineering!

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