Wednesday, 7 March 2007

S0971 - Tinius Olsen - ASTM D143 Wood Shear parallel to grain

The Standard ASTM D143 outlines several methods for testing wood. As a building material it is essential to understand the structural integrity of timber this is what ASTM D143 is designed to find out…

This is a heavy duty application (wood is an interesting substance in compressing and the jaws can get ‘gummed-up’ with the wood sap) and so for this particular application a Tinius Olsen H75KS system is used.

The S0971 is designed to perform one of the tests in the ASTM D143 stable. It shears the wood between two vertically offset, horizontally parallel faces.

This system uses a self adjusting blade to shear the sample against another supporting blade that is offset 3mm from the main cutting face. This distance can be adjusted using a simple shim. This simple modification could allow for future testing in these standards...

ASTM D 143-94, ASTM D 905-98, ISO 6238 2001, JIS K 6802-1973, JIS Z 2117-1977, BS 373: 1957 and JAS 601-1974 testing standards.


  • This system uses a quick release, over center cam, handle for loading and removing sample.
  • This dramatically improves down times between tests.

  • The cutting blade also has a self clearing feature, once the test is complete, raising the cutting blade drags out the remaining sample.

  • The Shims are readily identified using the 3 holes marking on it.

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