Monday, 5 March 2007

S0984 - Tinius Olsen - GOST23785 Spiral Cord Grip

From the same stable as the S0984 this grip uses similar materials but holds the specimen in a different way. Designed to meet GOST23785 it is designed around the drawings given in the standards.

The cord is wrapped around the Spiral Ebonite Bollards and held in place with a simple screw grip… This effectively distributes the load over a wider area on the cord. This means that delicate or multi-strand samples can be tested.

One of the main problems with testing cord is the grips can create weak points in the sample if it pinches or nips the sample. This results in the test being void or can give misleading results.

This grip is designed to avoid this...

It has a 5/8" Nosepiece which means that it would fit on one of the smaller systems.

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